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Annette Grace AuBuchon

San Diego Reiki Master

My first experience with Reiki was in 1995. I had a constant lowerback pain. After a one hour session my back was better. The next day my lower back did not even hurt and I was walking around my house humming as if all my cares were washed away. This was profound for me because I was going through a lengthy six year divorce. I felt stronger and hopeful. This relief stayed with me. When I was looking for a new career direction in 2003 I recalled the freedom from pain and worry I received from Reiki and How I wanted to give other people that peace. In 2003 I started Radiant Massage and Reiki. I no longer am able to practice massage but My Radiant Reiki Practice is foremost along with my Radiant Aura Reading Practice. I am able to show clients what their aura looks like prior to treatment and after a treatment. The transition to “healing mode” that the body makes is mind opening. Reiki healing is an alternative method to put the body and mind in better balance for optimum health and performance. The universal energy is called upon and channeled through the healer to help assist the patient to heal themselves. Being a Reiki Master means that when called upon to share Reiki, I am available to teach the Usui methods to someone.

Fast forward to 2006 when my aura turned pure white. The photos here describe my transformation to white within a 20 minute period using the Inneractive Aura Computer system that I still use for clients. This was my ‘Human Angel Breakthrough’ recalibration into white light. I use my white spiritual energy to facilitate my energy transfer to clients who then heal themselves. I happen to be a more spiritual practitioner. Anyone with any color aura may be a successful Reiki practitioner for self, family or others. Embrace your aura color.

Aura Scan from Radiant Reiki & Aura Reading

I am a clairsentient person. I have a ‘Clear Sensing’ heightened sense of empathy. I use this ability to feel energy in an intuitive way. This gift enhances my ability to perform Reiki Healing.

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While attending an angel workshop I was physically touched on the shoulder by my guardian angel, reminding me to trust my intuition. I was told by a doctor of parapsychology that I have three sets of angels guiding me. There are ten angels in each set – a whopping thirty in all! I let them assist me in my Reiki practice.

I use my scientific medical massage background and knowledge of the body to assist me in treatments. I also have new clients fill out a brief medical history form so we can both concentrate together on a successful Reiki healing. I also recommend that clients journal following a treatment so that when ideas, feelings, attitudes and changes continue to happen they have a written record of their success.

I am dedicated to assisting clients to be and to feel the very best that they can. Namaste.

I believe nature is a natural healing environment.

Radiant Reiki & Aura Reading

I am able to give treatments and classes indoors or outside weather permitting. The Aura Readings are done indoors because of the computer visibility.

A healing environment for Reiki healing and Aura readings.

Reiki is performed fully clothed with a light touch to facilitate the energy healing.




My Reiki Lineage back to Dr. Usui:
Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Iris Ishikuro
Arthur Robertson
Rick & Emma Ferguson
Margaretta L. Shelton
Nancy Retsloff
Leonie Rosenstahl
Kathleen Ann Milner
Gail B. Axelrod

Annette Grace AuBuchon, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher in natural healing.


I use Healing white energy in my Reiki to help heal people.




I am also a watercolor artist in my spare time and I have shared below, some of my creations:








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